+27 83 267 4624 54 Cockspur Road, Weltevredenpark, 1709, South Africa
+27 83 267 4624 54 Cockspur Road, Weltevredenpark, 1709, South Africa

Our Services

Shift Your Perspective
parent Coaching

Talks & Workshops

Factors to consider
Your desired outcome will determine the length of the talk or workshop. Do you want an informative talk or do you want to interact and discuss specific problem areas and their solutions related to the subject

The time frame for the talk or workshop will determine the level of interaction possible
The number of people attending will determine the level of interaction possible
The cost per person varies according to the number of people attending and the venue used

My child is anxious


At Shifting Perspective we use a new approach to solutions, based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). The focus is on what drives behaviour – our needs and our emotions, as opposed to managing and influencing behaviour.

The techniques taught benefit teachers and parents and result in freedom from stress, and a reduction in the amount of energy it takes to manage difficulties.

Growing your mind


Mentoring is a support system for clients who have attended the workshops and presentations. It provides an opportunity for people to get together and discuss and share ongoing experiences, what has worked for them, the challenges they are experiencing and what solutions are possible. Clients can request discussion topics to focus on in each mentoring session.

Sessions last about 2 hours


One-on-One Coaching

Gain clarity on your specific needs and goals – What would your ideal life look like? What would you be doing? Where would you be? Who would be with you? How would you be communicating? Why you want these goals?

Create an action plan on how to achieve these goals in each area of your life
Develop strategies to overcome obstacles in the way of achieving these goals
Gain a deeper understanding and insight about who you are which leads to lasting fulfilment, peace and happiness regardless of the external circumstances.