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+27 83 267 4624 54 Cockspur Road, Weltevredenpark, 1709, South Africa

Presenting a new joint venture offering for Parents

Do you want to be a Successful Parent?

How would you define that?

What do YOU need to DO in order to achieve this? At Parent Connect we believe that consistent focus and learning as parents is needed.

Lauren Dace, Educational Psychologist and myself, Gail Friend, NLP Life Coach have teamed up to give you the best all round support in your parenting journey. Teaming up and combining her vast knowledge in childhood development with my expertise and experience in the parent’s point of view and why we parent the way we do, gives you a full perspective to work from, which ensures success.

At Parent Connect we give you

  • An accurate and easy guide to childhood development
  • Understanding the milestones and what is really important about them
  • Practical and easy ways to develop your child’s best potential
  • How to develop your child’s emotional intelligence through your day to day interactions with

It is also about you!

We also give you solutions to:

Satisfying your Frustration and Needs

How to satisfy your own frustration and needs during your child’s different phases. i.e. your happiness is not dependant on their behaviour or performance

Influencing them Effectively

How to influence them effectively by understanding yourself and how your needs influence the way you interact with them

Developing True Connection

Developing true connection and open communication with your children

The challenges and pressures that we as parents face now days with our children are huge. There is so much social pressure around whether our children are performing the way they need to be.

Are they meeting their milestones? Are they achieving what they need to for school? What do we do with the pressures and opinions of those around us? How does it make us feel?

Lauren and I realise the importance of looking at these questions because THEY are what impact our actions as parents, our beliefs about ourselves and the influence this has on our children’s beliefs about themselves. We the parents really matter. It is about taking a deeper look into what drives our actions and achievements as well as  our children’s.

Developing our children’s emotional intelligence is as important as academics, if not more.

In other words, it is about focusing on the inner game rather than outer game, ours and theirs.

We have derived a programme addressing the outer challenges parents have and how to shift that focus and understand them, from an inner perspective. This is what truly gives us the power to influence our children effectively. We can’t control the world around us (the opinions and expectations of others and when or how our children achieve what they need to) but we can control how we perceive it, manage and react to it. It is those perceptions and actions that influence how our children develop.

If we focus on what we are developing within them rather than what they are achieving on the outside, this gives us peace of mind and them the freedom to develop the way they need to.


Understanding and knowing how to balance, when you lead and when you develop their ability to lead themselves, is the answer for them becoming all they are meant to be.

We use this approach when we discuss various topics. We hold weekly coffee mornings which are designed to be interactive using your examples to implement the strategies learnt.

What are your expectations for your Children?
You can have what you want for them even if you may have a few challenges at the moment. A new perspective on how to handle these challenges gives you the power to foster an environment for your children to achieve their full potential and the happiness you want for them.

Our Parent Connect coffee mornings provide an opportunity, a space to stop, take a step back and see more clearly the inner workings of the current situation or challenge and, what you want to achieve in the long term. We give you practical strategies which can be used in day to day interactions. It is the simple day to day interactions that create the foundation for our children’s development and how they interact with the world around them. We don’t realize the power our actions have on our children’s perceptions. Because Parents Really Matter.

Various Topics include

  • What do you really want for your child and how can you achieve this?
  • Listening and thinking for themselves
  • Milestones and self-belief
  • Boundaries and Freedom
  • Achievement and Failure
  • Conforming/fitting in and being authentic
  • Handling social pressures at a young age
  • A loving relationship and conflict

Click here to join us and experience our coffee mornings. Come for tea, coffee, treats and a morning of inspiration, sharing and learning.

Lauren Dace

About Lauren Dace

Lauren Dace is an Educational Psychologist in private practice in Craighall Park.

She believes that psychological intervention is a shift in perspective and understanding; allowing us the opportunity to see the wonder and goodness within ourselves and our children. Lauren strives to adopt a holistic perspective; working with children, teachers and parents to, best understand the key areas of development and its associated behaviours. 

As an Educational Psychologist she is passionate about finding a solution that is unique to each child’s specific needs. She loves working with individual children and get the most fulfillment is seeing them thrive and achieve their true potential however,  she has continued to notice one fundamental hurdle to the success of therapeutic intervention, but also school achievement and emotional development of children; the significant influence that parents and teachers have. There is a clear need for better cohesion and support of all take holders involved in the overall well being of a child. However, this is difficult to achieve without and understanding of our own needs. Subsequently Lauren has chosen to work more closely with parents, supporting them through Psycho-Educational support so that they can best support their children through their development.

About Gail Friend

Gail is an expert in Parent Child Relationships – balancing parent’s needs with children’s development and happiness.

Her mission is to empower and inspire parents and teachers to develop children’s self-awareness. When parents and teachers are empowered, inspired and working together, children have the opportunity to reach their full potential and happiness.

As a single parent of 2 boys Gail knows how little time there is between work, children and our own needs. Finding solutions that were quick, satisfying and effective was her mission. She shares the teachings she has created and credits as the source of her own fulfilment, success and impact.

Gail is a Qualified NLP Practitioner, NLP Life Coach and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner with over 10 years’ experience and success at applying these techniques to children’s learning and behaviour. Her success with her own son whom she was told would probably never read or write is proof of the possibility of true potential.