Are you a proactive, dedicated parent?

Want to get your discipline and communication right before the teenage years?

Then Gail Friend’s Discipline Workshop is just for YOU!

“What an eye opener and great experience!” – Fabienne Spronk

We will show you how to . . .

  • understand the real WHY behind your child’s behaviour
  • find out how to influence better behaviour in your child
  • tame your own frustration so your child’s behaviour doesn’t upset you
  • build your child’s EQ and confidence

“I highly recommend parents do a course with Gail.”- Linda Tucs

Topics we will cover

  • How are your children understanding and interpreting your discipline? This determines your effectiveness!
  • How is their emotional development being impacted by the way you discipline? This determines their confidence!
  • Exact steps to putting a structure in place so that there is no need for misbehaviour.
  • How to develop a foundation for open communication so your children learn self-motivation and self-discipline.
  • Do your children see and appreciate you for all the effort you make? Learn to show them how!
  • Do you “overreact”? Get to know why you react in a certain way and how you can change that.


“Gail’s guidance has been invaluable… I could see a shift in a matter of hours.” – Bronwyn Terlizzi

What is the Cost of a Workshop?

R1600.00 per person. R1400.00 per person for couples. Bring a friend and pay R1400.00 each.
We provide tea, coffee and snacks.

Are you ready to shift your perspective and raise confident, happy children?

About Gail

Gail is a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and NLP Life Coach. She
also has her EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) levels 1,2 and 3, and is a certified level 2
EFT practitioner. Gail’s journey as a single parent of 2 boys, one with severe learning
difficulties challenged her to the depth of who she was. She uses her success in her life
experience and training to help parents and teachers develop healthy, happy relationships
with the children they love and teach in order to raise confident and successful individuals.

Do you want to know more about Gail? 

Gail friend

Discipline Workshop details

When is it?
8 February 2020 and 7 March 2020
Where is the venue?
The Peartree

41 St Albans Avenue Craighall Park

What time do I arrive?
Please arrive 8:45am for registration. We will start at 9am and finish at 2pm.

“Gail helped me change old patterns.” – Rayne Mcleod


“I highly recommend parents do a course with Gail.”- Linda Tucs

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