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From Shifting Perspective

How much time should I spend with my child?

In our busy lives today, how much time do we spend with our children? How do we decide what we do with them and what we don’t? How much time is enough? The first place to start is to get clear on our outcome for our time with them. This gives us a frame of reference to help us decide. Is it the amount of time or what we are doing for them or is...
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The Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make

Parenting can be hard sometimes, and there is no course or learning we have to go on before we become parents. How do we know if we are really being effective? Sometimes even with the best intent, we can be moulding our children’s perceptions in ways that will not help them as adults. Here are a few mistakes we can make without even realising it. Parents think their children will “outgrow” a behaviour I often...
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I am not Patient Enough!

Ever feel like you should be more patient? Or if only I was more patient! I often get moms who tell me that they should be more patient, and the first question I always ask is What about you? So often we beat ourselves up about how we “should be” and forget to take care of our own needs. Here are some ideas on how to help become more patient and more importantly understand what...
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What do you teach your children about love? What does love look like for you?

I grew up with a perception that love is when everyone is happy the whole time. Isn’t that what we all want? It is that tingling feeling when you think of your loved one. The irony is that when we strive for that picture, we cause our own unhappiness because what happens when we or our loved ones don’t feel happy or have that tingling feeling? I now believe love is about presence, being with...
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Good Parenting Skills

Holiday Expectations – What are your expectations for these holidays?

Very often at this time of year everyone is tired and just looking forward to the holidays. Have we given some thought as to what we want for the holidays? Do you just want to relax and have quiet time? Do your children have expectations of all the things they want to do with you? Spending a little time thinking and talking about what you want for the holidays can have a huge impact on...
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Exam Pressure

How can we support our children during exams?

1. Fostering independence Teaching our children how to manage their own schedule during exams is the best skill you can give them. Allow them to try their own way. And the younger they are the better. In the beginning, you can let them work off their exam timetable and set a plan for a day. Go through the plan with them, let them try it for a day and then help them to access how...
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