+27 83 267 4624 54 Cockspur Road, Weltevredenpark, 1709, South Africa
+27 83 267 4624 54 Cockspur Road, Weltevredenpark, 1709, South Africa

Building your Child’s Emotional Intelligence is the Foundation for Success in their Academic Learning and Life

Building your child’s emotional intelligence is the most important thing to do!! It determines their happiness and success

Join me for a one hour FREE interactive Parent Talk on how to develop your
child’s emotional intelligence in your day to day interactions with them

You will learn:

  • How to develop the way your children think which directly influences their self-esteem and confidence. Each daily conversation counts!
  • How to understand the “why” behind your children’s behaviour which gives you the power to influence them – understand the difference between control and influence
  • How to understand and satisfy your own needs and separate that from the way you parent


Topics we will cover

  • How do your children understand and interpret your parenting? This determines your effectiveness!
  • How is their emotional development impacted by the way you parenting? This determines their confidence!
  • How to develop a foundation for open communication so your children learn self-motivation and self-discipline.



Tuesday 21 January 2020 Thursday 23 January 2020 and Saturday 25 January 2020

Saturday 15 February 2020 Thursday 20 February 2020 

Time:  Tuesday and Thursday 6:15pm – 7:15pm Saturday 9am-10am
Venue: The Peartree, 41 St Albans Avenue, Craighall Park
Applicable for: Parents with children aged  1-12 years

Booking is essential

If you are interested in attending please book with Gail at gail@shiftingperspective.co.za or phone 083 267 4624